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Гребенщиков Борис Борисович
The Postcard

 This is a postcard
 Saying I'm alright in this beautiful city
 This is a phone call
 Saying, yes, I am sleeping alone here
 But the telephone lines are cut
 My hands can't hold the paper
 You are on my mind
 Nobody knows your name here,
 Except when the moon is out
 And then they toss in their sleep
 Crying out for to take them
 But me I cannot sleep,
 I cannot dream,
 My heart is shattered
 You are on my mind
 Once seven colors used to make men blind
 And now we are like birds stuck in barbed wire
 Precise, like sunrise
 A child just like any other
 Made of the bones of the earth
 Fragile and deathless
 Yes, I'm alright
 I am a church,
 And I'm burning down
 You are on my mind...

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