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Киплинг Редьярд
Язык: Русский

The Sergeant`s Weddin`

 `E was warned agin `er--
 That`s what made `im look;
 She was warned agin `im--
 That is why she took.
 `Wouldn`t `ear no reason,
 `Went an` done it blind;
 We know all about `em,
 They`ve got all to find!
 Cheer for the Sergeant`s weddin`--
 Give `em one cheer more!
 Cray gun-`orses in the lando,
 An` a rogue is married to, etc.
 What`s the use o` tellin`
 `Arf the lot she`s been?
 `E`s a bloomin` robber,
 An` `e keeps canteen.
 `Ow did `e get `is buggy?
 Gawd, you needn`t ask!
 Made `is forty gallon
 Out of every cask!
 Watch `im, with `is `air cut,
 Count us filin` by--
 Won`t the Colonel praise `is
 We `ave scores to settle--
 Scores for more than beer;
 She`s the girl to pay `em--
 That is why we`re `ere!
 See the chaplain thinkin`?
 See the women smile?
 Twig the married winkin`
 As they take the aisle?
 Keep your side-arms quiet,
 Dressin` by the Band.
 Ho! You `oly beggars,
 Cough be`ind your `and!
 Now it`s done an` over,
 `Ear the organ squeak,
 "Voice that breathed o`er Eden"--
 Ain`t she got the cheek!
 White an` laylock ribbons,
 Think yourself so fine!
 I`d pray Gawd to take yer
 `Fore I made yer mine!
 Escort to the kerridge,
 Wish `im luck, the brute!
 Chuck the slippers after--
 [Pity `taint a boot!]
 Bowin` like a lady,
 Blushin` like a lad--
 `Oo would say to see `em--
 Both are rotten bad!
 Cheer for the Sergeant`s weddin`-
 Give `em one cheer more!
 Gray gun-`orses in the lando,
 An` a rogue is married to, etc.

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