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Поэзия и песни
Киплинг Редьярд
Язык: Русский

The `Eathen

 The `eathen in `is blindness bows down to wood an` stone;
 `E don`t obey no orders unless they is `is own;
 `E keeps `is side-arms awful: `e leaves `em all about,
 An` then comes up the regiment an` pokes the `eathen out.
 All along o` dirtiness, all along o` mess,
 All along o` doin things rather-more-or-less,
 All along of abby-nay,[(] kul,[(] and hazar-ho,[(]
 Mind you keep your rifle an yourself jus` so!
 The young recruit is `aughty--`e draf`s from Gawd knows where;
 They bid `im show `is stockin`s an` lay `is mattress square;
 `E calls it bloomin` nonsense--`e doesn`t know, no more--
 An` then up comes `is company an` kicks `em round the floor!
 The young recruit is `ammered--`e takes it very `ard;
 `E `angs `is `ead an` mutters--`e sulks about the yard;
 `E talks o` "cruel tyrants" `e`ll swing for by-an`-bye,
 An` the others `ears an` mocks `im, an` the boy goes orf to cry.
 The young recruit is silly--`e thinks o` suicide;
 `E`s lost `is gutter-devil; `e `asn`t got `is pride;
 But day by day they kicks `im, which `elps `im on a bit,
 Till `e finds `isself one mornin` with a full an` proper kit.
 Gettin clear o` dirtiness, gettin done with mess,
 Gettin shut o` doin things rather-more-or-less;
 Not so fond of abby-nay, kul, nor bazar-ho,
 Learns to keep `is rifle an `isself jus` so!
 The young recruit is `appy--`e throws a chest to suit;
 You see `im grow mustaches; you `ear `im slap `is boot;
 `E learns to drop the "bloodies" from every word he slings,
 An` `e shows an `ealthy brisket when `e strips for bars an` rings.
 The cruel tyrant sergeants they watch `im `art a year;
 They watch `im with `is comrades, they watch `im with `is beer;
 They watch `im with the women, at the regimental dance,
 And the cruel tyrant sergeants send `is name along for "Lance."
 An` now `e`s `arf o` nothin`, an` all a private yet,
 `Is room they up an` rags `im to see what they will get;
 They rags `im low an` cunnin`, each dirty trick they can,
 But `e learns to sweat `is temper an` `e learns to know `is man.
 An`, last, a Colour-Sergeant, as such to be obeyed,
 `E leads `is men at cricket, `e leads `em on parade;
 They sees `em quick an` `andy, uncommon set an` smart,
 An` so `e talks to orficers which `ave the Core at `eart.
 `E learns to do `is watchin` without it showin` plain;
 `E learns to save a dummy, an` shove `im straight again;
 `E learns to check a ranker that`s buyin` leave to shirk;
 An` `e learns to make men like `im so they`ll learn to like their work.
 An` when it comes to marchin` he`ll see their socks are right,
 An` when it comes to action `e shows `em `ow to sight;
 `E knows their ways of thinkin` and just what`s in their mind;
 `E feels when they are comin` on an` when they`ve fell be`ind.
 `E knows each talkin` corpril that leads a squad astray;
 `E feels `is innards `eavin`, `is bowels givin` way;
 `E sees the blue-white faces all tryin` `ard to grin,
 An` `e stands an` waits an` suffers till it`s time to cap `em in.
 An` now the hugly bullets come peckin` through the dust,
 An` no one wants to face `em, but every beggar must;
 So, like a man in irons which isn`t glad to go,
 They moves `em off by companies uncommon stiff an` slow.
 Of all `is five years` schoolin` they don`t remember much
 Excep` the not retreatin`, the step an` keepin` touch.
 It looks like teachin` wasted when they duck an` spread an` `op,
 But if `e `adn`t learned `em they`d be all about the shop!
 An` now it`s "`Oo goes backward?" an` now it`s "`Oo comes on?"
 An` now it`s "Get the doolies," an` now the captain`s gone;
 An` now it`s bloody murder, but all the while they `ear
 `Is voice, the same as barrick drill, a-shepherdin` the rear.
 `E`s just as sick as they are, `is `eart is like to split,
 But `e works `em, works `em, works `em till `e feels `em take the bit;
 The rest is `oldin` steady till the watchful bugles play,
 An` `e lifts `em, lifts `em, lifts `em through the charge that wins the day!
 The `eathen in `is blindness bows down to wood an` stone;
 `E don`t obey no orders unless they is `is own;
 The `eathen in `is blindness must end where `e began,
 But the backbone of the Army is the noncommissioned man!
 Keep away from dirtiness--keep away from mess.
 Don`t get into doin things rather-more-or-less!
 Let`s ha` done with abby-nay, kul, an` hazar-ho;
 Mind you keep your rifle an` yourself jus` so!

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