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Поэзия и песни
Киплинг Редьярд
Язык: Русский

The Widow at Windsor

 `Ave you `eard o` the Widow at Windsor
 With a hairy gold crown on `er `ead?
 She `as ships on the foam--she `as millions at `ome,
 An` she pays us poor beggars in red.
 (Ow, poor beggars in red!)
 There`s `er nick on the cavalry `orses,
 There`s `er mark on the medical stores--
 An` `er troopers you`ll find with a faif wind be`ind
 That takes us to various wars.
 (Poor beggars!--barbarious wars!)
 Then `ere`s to the Widow at Windsor,
 An` `ere`s to the stores an` the guns,
 The men an` the `orses what makes up the forces
 0` Missis Victorier`s sons.
 (Poor beggars! Victorier`s sons!)
 Walk wide o` the Widow at Windsor,
 For `alf o Creation she owns:
 We `ave bought `er the same with the sword an` the flame,
 An` we`ve salted it down with our bones.
 (Poor beggars!--it`s blue with our bones!)
 Hands off o` the sons of the Widow,
 Hands off o` the goods in `er shop,
 For the Kings must come down an` the Emperors frown
 When the Widow at Windsor says `Stop`!
 (Poor Beggars!--we`re sent to say `Stop`!)
 Then `ere`s to the Lodge o` the Widow,
 From the Pole to the Tropics it runs--
 To the Lodge that we tile with the rank an` the file,
 An` open in form with the guns.
 (Poor beggars!--it`s always they guns!)
 We `ave `eard o` the Widow at Windsor,
 It`s safest to leave `er alone:
 For `er sentries we stand by the sea an` the land
 Wherever the bugles are blown.
 (Poor beggars!--an` don`t we get blown!)
 Take `old o` the Wings o` the Mornin`,
 An` flop round the earth till you`re dead;
 But you won`t get away from the tune that they play
 To the bloomin` old Rag over`ead.
 (Poor beggars!--it`s `ot over`ead!)
 Then `ere`s to the sons o` the Widow
 Wherever, `owever they roam.
 `Ere`s all they desire, an` if they require
 A speedy return to their `ome.
 (Poor beggars!--they`ll never see `ome!)

Число просмотров текста: 1662; в день: 0.37

Средняя оценка: Никак
Голосовало: 4 человек

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